Enable your people to Jump Start Your Revival and Growth

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The world has changed. We don’t know what the future holds and we do know that things will be different. While we are all currently reacting to the current crisis we are also conscious of how to prepare proactively for whatever comes next.

Potter Innovation, working in collaboration with Smartworks , has pivoted from delivering Face to Face Training to delivering on line Virtual Workshops including videos, application exercises and on line coaching and feedback. All the training workshops on our website can now be delivered in this format.

In addition, working with Eureka! Ranch we have available the on line Jump Start Your Brain Learning Management System with over 70 tools to help everyone to think and work smarter, faster and more innovatively.

The tools are organised in collections that help you in common work scenarios and include interactive-tools, templates, how-to guides, market research surveys, math modelling tools and it can be scaled, customised and integrated for your specific organisational culture!

In tomorrows world, the ability for everyone to know how to innovate is no longer optional.

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