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As a leader in your organisation, you know that innovation has to be part of your organisation’s DNA – you’re looking for a culture of innovation that delivers consistently great results.

You are not alone. According to McKinsey, 65% of executives today say they lack confidence in their organisation’s ability to be innovative.

So when Doug Hall, named one of America’s top innovation experts by the likes of CNN, Wall Street Journal, CBC, and CNBC and a best selling author, comes to Scotland can you afford not to be there?

He will deliver a high impact programme that will energise and educate you on a data-driven system for innovation and growth.

It will be fast, fun, and highly interactive. His presentation will be packed full of the latest data and original research on how to create a culture of innovation.

This will include details of a unique Innovation Learning Management System that can be scaled and customised to enable everyone in your organisation to think smarter, faster and more innovatively.

To spend the day with Doug and find out for yourself register for The Enterprise Conversation

Innovation Engineering’s® founder and teams have been on the frontline of helping large organisations for 40 years, working alongside 15,000+ teams and inventing over 30,000 ideas. The curriculum, tools and activations have been used by hundreds of established companies like American Express, Disney & Nike.


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