Meaningfully Unique

helenteachingLearn how to define, measure and improve the chances of success of any idea.

Innovation Engineering defines innovation in two words: Meaningfully Unique™. When a product, service, work system or job candidate is Meaningfully Unique™ customers/stakeholders are willing to invest their time, energy and money. This definition is validated by data. 

In this workshop you will learn how to communicate your idea so that is impossible to misunderstand and measure the potential for success of your idea.

This is an interactive half-day workshop where participants will get to practise measurement and so leave with a deep understanding of a tool that they can go on to use to validate their own ideas quickly and at low cost.

If you have lots of ideas, but don’t know where to focus, this workshop is for you.

Contact us if you are interested in a Meaningfully Unique Workshop or to discuss a bespoke workshop based on the Innovation Engineering System:

Measure an idea