Quick Start

Learn the Fundamentals of Innovation Engineering with Quick Start.

Our next Quick Start Courses will take place in Central Scotland and London during Q1 2020. Places are limited so if you are interested you can register interest below. 

This course will connect the dots between academic theory and practical application.

It will enable you to think smarter, faster and more innovatively.

It will make innovation possible, practical and fun.

It will give you a complete system to turn  ideas into reality quickly without unnecessary cost.

It will enable you to accelerate your career.



Before attending the Innovation Engineering Quick Start class participants use a private Innovation Engineering portal to complete a half day of home-study comprising about 33 short digital classes. Each digital class contains a video explaining the concept of a skill followed by a short quiz. In this way students become familiar with the fundamentals of how to create, communicate, and commercialise meaningfully unique solutions to challenges.


Participants join fellow classmates at the 2.5 days of LIVE in class work to make the digital learning real. They work through hands on interactive experiences that help them learn how to apply the skills introduced in the pre-work. They work in small teams that constantly change throughout the course. A Coach will guide their work while they get live feedback from online instructors that grade their submissions.


During the final stages of step 2 participants get support planning how to translate all that they have experienced back in to the work place to embed learning. This is facilitated by a collection of on-line assignments which will be completed using real work situations. The goal is that this will not feel incremental to the day job, rather this will enable smarter working, problem solving and the growth of an innovation culture.

Back at work the class get expert coaching digitally via the Zoom video conferencing platform either individually or as a group, as they apply the skills to real problems / challenges at work via the remaining assignments. The class has access to their digital learning space, a collaboration zone and innovation tools via the Innovation Engineering cloud-based portal for 6 months in total. All coaching and grading will be undertaken by an IE Black Belt.

Once all assignments are completed successfully participants will be awarded a Blue Belt certificate in Innovation Engineering.

All this for an investment of £2400pp (discounts available for IoD members).

Alternatively, if you want to make things happen even faster in your organisation, we can arrange a Private Quick Start, with up to 16 people, for an investment of £20,000.


 Do you have to be engineers or in innovation to take the course?

NO! All different areas of an organisation have taken the course and completed certification. The reason it’s called ‘Innovation Engineering’ is because it’s both teaching you how to stretch your creative side to innovate but also stretches your ‘how can we make this actually work so we can do it’ side at the same time.

 Are there pre-requisites?

NO! You need no special training to come to the course. It’s built to make you successful with ZERO experience.

 Does it apply to my industry/profession?

Absolutely. If you need to solve problems and do it faster, smarter, and more innovatively – then it 100% applies.

 How long is the course?

The live class portion is 2.5 days, 8.30am-5.30pm.  Pre-work includes a half-day of video courses.  Post work for the certification, if you choose to pursue it, is independent work with a coach.