Tony Kenmuir – Chair Central Taxis Edinburgh

I hired Helen for a Strategy Day with my management team. Our taxi business needs to change if it is to survive. Customer expectation and technology are revolutionising the taxi business. We needed to align on an innovation plan to adapt and grow our business as the world of on-demand transport moves forward at pace.

The outcome of the day was exactly what I’d hoped for and very positive for all involved.

We had a fascinating morning learning about how to lead innovation. We then went through a number of exercises, prompted by stimulus and research, to think deeply about where we should focus our innovation effort. Each member of the team was able to participate fully and to have their say, thanks to the “blue card” tool. This tool enabled us to work individually, before being brought together by Helen to find common ground.

Alison Connelley

Alison Connelly, Head of Fundraising Development, RSPB Scotland

Despite some diversity of opinion in the team we were able to align on our mission for innovation. We enjoyed Helen’s upbeat facilitation and benefitted from her expertise in innovation systems. We now have clarity on the way forward for our business. 

We engaged Helen Potter to help us bring some innovation in our community fundraising operations, and were delighted to find the whole innovation engineering system was incredibly simple but powerfully creative and effective – so much better than brainstorming. 

The initial on line collaborative ahead of the session added great benefit, ensuring our ideas were captured and progressed into the day. We found everyone participated at the workshop and enjoyed the fun but structured exercises. 

 We were not only left with a wealth of new business ideas, but the system provides a strong proven framework that ensures each idea has been developed, written down, next steps identified, and most importantly is actionable. 

The whole experience left us with a clear practical plan of where to refocus our efforts, which have subsequently brought a marked increase in income. We now also have more belief in our own ability to be creative. I would strongly recommend anyone to give it a go.

Caryn Gibson, Team Leader for Growth, Elevator UK

Caryn GibsonHelen has been an outstanding supporter of the Perth Creative Accelerator Programme. Her ability to connect with creative entrepreneurs, educate and inspire them is fantastic. Helen has first class communication and presentation skills and I have witnessed her educate, inspire and encourage and a room full of entrepreneurs.

Her technique and approach to innovation is fascinating yet easy to understand and follow. Whilst innovation can be a scary word for some, Helen helps individuals to understand the true meaning of innovation and identify whether their product/service is ‘meaningfully unique’ to customers.

 I would 100% happily recommend Helen for both 1 to many workshop support as well as 1:1 business advice.

Rare Whisky 101 David Robertson

David Robertson, Founding Partner, Rare Whisky 101

I asked Helen to lead a Strategy Activation session workshop for my business partner and I to discuss some key business challenges we have and to help us drive them forwards to at least a “go v no go” point. 

In particular, there was a major Project that I felt was an important opportunity for us.

Once we looked at several ideas to make the project come to fruition and did a Maths Game Plan on each of them it became clear that the Project was not worth pursuing and so we were able to stop it by focusing on data rather than opinion.

We had been distracted for months thinking about the opportunity and the workshop crystallised in our minds that the prize was not as attractive as we had hoped for or expected. Sometimes it is powerful to know and understand what to focus on as well as what not to focus on.

We could not have reached that decision so quickly without the Tools and Training of Helen Potter & Innovation Engineering.

Using this approach saved us months of time and effort and has enabled us to focus on what is important to our business. It quickly brought clarity to a complex problem. It was a Eureka moment!


Mark McGuinness, Account Director, Guy & Co

Learning how to apply the fail fast, fail cheap approach has been inspirational. In the past, on certain projects I have strived for perfection, trying to produce the finished article on the first attempt. The art of free writing and mind mapping on a flip chart may seem like basic concepts but they were both real breakthrough moments for me – the difference it made in getting to ideas quicker was huge.

I would never have considered myself a procrastinator but having attended the Quick Start course – I clearly was! With IE training, I’ve become more confident to believe in my work and also grown to realise that sometimes your gut feeling might just be right. Give it a go – and if it’s not right – move on. IE has allowed me to implement a system to help me produce great ideas – and much to my delight/surprise I’ve also started using it in my personal life as well. Don’t worry about failing – but if you do, learn from it and ‘get smarter’.